Temuka Pottery has been around the world...

The brand itself started in 1931 under its parent company, New Zealand Insulators.
In 1945 - During World War II production was restricted to electric jugs, mixing bowls,chamber pots, hot water bottle and teapots for the Indian army. In 2002 - Seven Seas Trading, based in Folkestone Kent, imports and sells Temuka Pottery in England. In 2017 - Temuka Pottery supplies a 3500-piece order to the Opera restaurant in Dubai incorporating new shapes and glaze effects. In 2019 - Temuka Pottery supplies to Sofitel, Fiji.

Where are we now?

Temuka Pottery is proudly New Zealand owned, operated and made.
In 2015, the production of Temuka Pottery moved from the Temuka Factory, to Palmerston North. The brand became solely owned by the Pepworth Family in 2020. The Temuka Pottery Retail Shop, owned by the Scarsbrook Family in Temuka remains one of the main retailers of the Pottery. We are still hand painting ranges in store in Temuka and all of the glazed ranges are produced at the Temuka Pottery Factory in Palmerston North.